atlanpom organizes the production of its fruits and vegetables with passion and without any concession concerning quality.

Based on our experiences in our own structure of production , we have developed a network of growers which enables us to cover a large range of products all year long.

atlanpom commits itself in a responsible way and positions itself in a sustainable agriculture. It is visible each and every day by a motivation concerning the respect of :

    • protection of biodiversity
    • by favouring the setting up of natural predators
    • by favouring the implantation of ecosystems
    • by limiting the use of phytosanitary inputs
    • by limiting the use of water resources
  • recycling and reducing waste
    • by making a drastic and selective sorting with compaction
      and or container storage
    • by reducing over packaging
    • by favouring the use of recyclable and recycled materials
  • reduction of greenhouse effect emissions
    • by optimizing flow with massification of products
    • by reducing the consumption of fuel and electricity

Each year, we have carried out sizeable investments in the improvement and renewal of our production tools in order to bring a model service while preserving good working conditions for our employees.