atlanpom has got its own quality service with recognized and certified levels.

From conception to saling there is a whole combination of rules , procedures, commitments, controls which show the importance of our quality commitment.

The whole is returnable and archived within our «quality manual» and recorded on our products via full traceability.

quality control @ atlanpom

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It is because your requirements and the regulations evolve that our quality manual is in a constant positive evolution.

Quality, food safety, health are linked. So, we have developed a specific pesticide convention which respects three factual and measurable criteria aiming at decreasing the use of phytosanitary inputs.




Each year we are audited by independent organisms so as to validate our process.

IFSnorme internationale pour garantir la sécurité des aliments et la qualité de la production.
certipaqcertificat et licence en agriculture biologique pour notre gamme bio.
global gapréférentiel de bonnes pratiques agricoles dont le but est de garantir la sécurité maximale des produits alimentaires.